+ I’ve got a brilliant idea for the event but it will require money to execute, who is responsible for paying for things?

As a part of the evolution of AWBTO, we are no longer creating a budget and driving the financing of the events. If you want to go wild, go for it. Just know that material costs are up to you and your team. With that said, the AWBTO crew may be able to connect you with folks who have previously helped financially support the events.

+ Are there any specific rules about what is and isn’t allowed?

First and foremost, follow the campground rules. Keep the overall schedule and space in mind so that we do not have multiple activities planned for the exact same time and space. The AWBTO crew can provide further direction as needed if you have questions or concerns about something you have in mind. Just because we didn’t have a particular activity or element in past events does not mean you can’t change things up. Use your creativity and leverage the AWBTO community to bring your vision to life! We ask that you keep us informed of your plans so we can help coordinate and communicate the overall schedule.

+ What are some examples of things not done before that we can do?

Maybe you’d like to promote and strengthen the sharing and community by managing a trading culture at A Weekend Beyond The Ordinary. You could create the guidelines, space, and logistics for folks to share items they have created.

+ How do I start?

Tell us you’re interested through the sign up form. That’s the first step. Then as you need to bounce ideas around, use your friends, AWBTO community, or the AWBTO crew. And if you need further guidance the AWBTO crew can assist. And if you’re a master organizer, don’t worry, as long as you follow guidelines and keep us informed of your plans, we won’t get in the way.

+ I already took on an activity at past events. Can I continue doing so?

Absolutely! We are not asking anyone to give up something they love doing. Please continue making the magic happen.

+ I don’t want to own or lead, but I am happy to help someone else.

Perfect. The folks organizing activities will need help. You can volunteer to help all you want!


+ Can I pitch in money to help others get materials?

Absolutely! Sync with those folks who are running with their vision and let them know you want to pitch in on costs. You can use the online forum we will create to reach out or if you already know the folks, just reach out directly.

+ What happens if no one signs up for an activity we used to do or an activity does not get planned and executed?

Then that activity does not happen. At the same time, we are still going to have fun!

+ How does this effect fundraising?

Just as we are giving you the platform to shape the experience we are also giving non-profits the platform to come in and raise funds. Non-profits are welcome to clear their plans with The River’s Edge management and should also keep the AWBTO crew informed of plans so we can keep the master schedule up-to-date.

+ What if I want to sell something I’ve created?

While we want to promote sharing we totally get it that some may prefer to be a vendor. If you plan to sell goods at camp, you will need to clear your plans with The River’s Edge management. They can advise of vendor fees and permitted space for vendors. You will need to follow the campground policies for vendors. And we also ask that you keep us informed so we can keep the master schedule up-to-date. And by the way, we encourage you to donate a portion of your proceeds to a non-profit. Giving back to others in need is a great way to help promote the AWBTO spirit.

We know this introduction to the event changes cannot answer every question you may have. Please know that more information will be shared at the Makers Social and after that as well. We hope you agree that these changes will help further promote the values of AWBTO and create an even stronger sense of community at AWBTO events!