Weekend Schedule


*Picture of summarized schedule will be provided to save to your smartphone. Physical copies will also be avaliable in the office.


Thursday, June 20

Welcome Party

9pm - Midnight


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Where: McPickens Compound (RVs 35 + 36)

Music curated by DJ Hella Feels.



Friday, June 21

DJ at the Pool

Noon -5pm


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Where: The Pool

Additional details: Music curated by DJs Wood Beez and Hella Feels.


Slippery Solstice

9pm - midnight


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Where: Tent Sites TBD

Additional details: Vodka Punch provided.




Saturday, June 22

DJ by the Pool

Noon- 5pm


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Where: Pool

Music curated by DJs Hella Feels and Wood Beez.


Groovy Gravy

8pm - Midnight


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Where: RVs 35 + 36



Sunday, June 23


Noon - 5pm


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Where: Pool

*Music curated by DJ Fuzzy Puddles.



Stargaze + Shoegaze

8pm - Midnight

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Where: Pool

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Also featuring the Burning of the Wicker Man and sky lanterns down by the firepit, near the pool.