A Weekend Beyond The Ordinary


 AWBTO - YOU create the experience!

To further promote self-expression, creativity, community, sharing of joy, and giving back -- and to ensure event sustainability -- AWBTO is going crowd-sourced. That means YOU get to shape the experience at our events.

What’s really changing you may ask?

To put it simply, we will continue to provide the general framework -- music planning, core lighting, beverages for the flagship parties -- and you will now have the opportunity to OWN the activities. For example, Groovy Gravy -- the Saturday night party of A Weekend Beyond The Ordinary -- remains, but the activities of the party can now be directly influenced and owned by you.

Sign up!

The event needs Coordinators and Volunteers for various activities. Whether traditional activities or new activities, we want you to be empowered to make the event your own.

This year all of the activities are 100% dependent on community involvement. This means that we will not have these activities if there isn't a commitment to support them.

NOTE: As of Friday, June 7, sign up is now closed for Coordinators. However, if you wish to lend a hand with set up or clean up, see one of the AWBTO crew at the event. Thank you!